We are a leader company forĀ Palio tickets in Siena.
We happily accommodated hundreds of peopleĀ in Piazza del Campo in the last 10 years Palio races!!

We can let you enjoy the race from the most scenic stands, bleachers, balcony and windows over the Piazza del Campo.

The atmosphere is very intense and everyone is looking forward the day after Palio horse race!

Now available on sale
Siena 2017 Palio tickets!

Palio Tickets!

How it works – Palio Tickets

Paliotickets sells tickets for the Palio horse race in Siena since 2010. In these years we happily accommodated hundreds of people in the square, in high quality spots.

Very important!

The tickets are physically printed only very close to the race, so WE CAN NOT SEND THEM BY MAIL. We will send you a voucher that you will exchange, once in Siena..
We can also deliver the tickets to your Hotel FOR FREE only in Siena downtown.